Class 12 English Book Guide Solution Nepal | Grade 12 English Questions and Answers 2078

This article contains Class 12 English Book Solution Nepal and Class 12 Guide Book PDF. If you have any doubts regarding Class 12 English Notes Nepal or Class 12 English Book Exercise, then CLICK THE RESPECTIVE TOPICS. Lets begin with Grade 12 English Questions and Answers 2078 or Khullakitab Class 12 English Solution.

Section One: Language Development 
 1.  Critical Thinking
 2.  Family
 3.  Sports
 4.  Technology
 5.  Education
 6.  Money and Economy
 7.  Humour Why do We Laugh
 8.  Human Culture
 9.  Ecology and Environment
10. Career Opportunities
11. Hobbies
12. Animal World
13. History 
14. Human Rights
15. Leisure and Entertainment
16. Fantasy The Romance of a Busy Broker
17. War and Peace
18. Music and Creation
19. Migration and Diaspora
20. Power and Politics

Section Two: Literature 
Unit One: Short Stories  
 1.  Neighbours
 2.  A Respectable Woman
 3.  A Devoted Son
 4.  The Treasure in the Forest
 4.  My Old Home
 4.  The Half-closed Eyes of the Buddha and the Slowly Sinking Sun
 5.  A Very Old Man with Enormous Wings
Unit Two: Poems
 1.  A Day
 2.  Every Morning I Wake
 3.  I Was My Own Route
 4.  The Awakening Age
 5.  Soft Storm
Unit Three: Essays
 1.  On Libraries
 2.  Marriage as a Social Institution
 3.  Knowledge and Wisdom
 4.  Humility
 5.  Human Rights and the Age of Inequality
Unit Four: One-act Plays
 1.  A Matter for Husband
 2.  Facing Death
 3.  The Bull
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