【⚠️】Unit 5 A Story Of My Childhood Exercise Questions and Answers Class 12

Unit 5 A Story Of My Childhood Exercise                      Questions and Answers Class 12

Working with words

A. Match the words in column ‘A’ with their meanings in column ‘B’. 

a. expectantly               i. clothes, especially fine or formal ones 

b. beckon                      ii. the way food or drink tastes or feels in your mouth 

c. grapple                      iii. the science of the forces involved in movement 

d. texture                       iv. thin and easily torn 

e. cobbled                      v. to try hard to find a solution to a problem 

f. flimsy                         vi. in a way that shows you are hoping for something, especially                                                  something good or exciting 

g. attire                          vii. having a surface that is made of small round stones 

h. marvelous                  viii. to give signal to somebody to move nearer or to follow you 

i. dynamics                     ix. extremely good; wonderful

B. An autobiography is a story of a person’s life, written by himself/herself. Use a dictionary and find the meanings of the following words related to people’s life stories. 

Hagiography, psychobiography, pathography, chronicle ,obituary, character sketch, profile, memoir.

C. An intonation refers to the way the voice rises and falls when speaking. They can be rising, falling, rising-falling or falling-rising. Listen to your teacher reading the following sentences and find out their intonation patterns.

a. I have some good news for you!

b. I was so pleased to hear this result.

c. My mother would have a hot meal ready.

d. The whole class went to the seashore of Rameswaram.

e. Who knew that a Muslim and a Hindu boy could not sit together?

f. He also explained to us how they change direction while flying.

g. He asked the other students whether they had understood or not.

h. Where is the engine in this bird?

i. How can I progress further in learning all about flight?

j. Should I go to engineering college where I would be able to learn about flight.


A. Put the following events in the life of Abdul Kalam in a chronological order.

a. They celebrated happiness with poli.

b. Abdul Kalam was determined that he would make a future study about flight and flight systems.

c. Abdul Kalam attended an elementary school at Rameswaram.

d. He then took the students to the seashore for a practical class.

e. Many students did not understand well of Sivasubramania Iyer’s lecture.

f. One day Abdul Kalam’s teacher visited them to share his pride and pleasure about his performance.

g. A new teacher in the school forbade Abdul Kalam to sit together with his Bramhin friend.

B. Answer the following questions.

a. What were the causes of Abdul Kalam’s happiness?

b. Which two places did Abdul Kalam visit before going to school?

c. What did he like about mathematics?

d. Why was the new teacher unhappy?

e. Why did Abdul Kalam have to split with his intimate friend?

f. What was the topic of Sivasubramania Iyer’s class?

g. How was the teacher’s reaction when the students told him that they did not understand his lecture?

h. Why did Sivasubramania Iyer take his students to the seashore?

Critical thinking

a. APJ Abdul Kalam became a renowned aerospace scientist in his later life. Do you find any association of his childhood days in shaping his career? Explain with specific instances from the text.

b. Kalam mentions an instance of discrimination against him in his school life. What picture of society does he want to depict by mentioning the incident?



Write a short autobiography featuring your childhood life using the following guidelines.

Date and place of birth, Family background, Daily life, School life, Special event of childhood days, etc.



A. Study the following sentences and underline the connectives.

a. Although she spoke very fast, I understood what she meant to say.

b. In spite of her hard labout, she failed her exam.

c. Though he had all the required qualifications, he did not get the job.

d. Despite having all the qualifications, he did not get the job.

B. Join the following pairs of sentences twice, using although/though/even though and despite/in spite of as in the example.

Example: Nepali people have limited income. They are very happy.

i. Although Nepali people have limited income, they are happy.

ii. Nepali people are happy in spite of their limited income.

a. He is a millionaire. He lives in a simple house.

b. The weather was extremely bad. The pilot landed the plane safely.

c. We study in the same college. We hardly see each other.

d. It rained heavily. We enjoyed our holiday.

e. I had an umbrella. I got wet in the rain.

f. I was really tired. I could not sleep a moment.

g. She has very good accent in English. She failed the interview of a newsreader.

h. Lhasa has extremely cold weather in winter. Millions of tourists go there in January.

i. He was badly injured in the first round of the boxing match. He was victorious in the third round.

C. Complete each sentence in an appropriate way.

a. He passed the exam although.....................

b. She climbed the mountain in spite of her................

c. He did not give any alms to the beggars even though........

d. In spite of his poor eyesight,.................

e. ......................................though she is very sociable.

f. ............................in spite of his ten attempts.

g. He refused to eat anything despite..................

h. He could not score goods grades in the SEE exams in spite of ..................

i. She accepted the job although......................

j. Even though we had planned everything carefully......................

NEB Unit 5 A Story Of My Childhood Exercise Class 12 English

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