【#】Unit 3 Knowledge and Wisdom Exercise Questions and Answers

Unit 3 Knowledge and Wisdom Exercise Questions and Answers Class 12

Understanding the text

Answer the following questions.

a. What are the factors that contribute to wisdom?

b. What message does the writer try to convey with the example of technicians?

c. Which leaders does Russell say were able to mix knowledge and wisdomsoundly?

d. Why is wisdom needed not only in public ways, but in private life equally?

e. What, according to Russell, is the true aim of education?

f. Can wisdom be taught? If so, how?

g. Why does the world need more wisdom in the future?

Reference to the context

a. According to Russel, “The pursuit of knowledge may become harmful unless it is combined with wisdom.” Justify this statement.

b. What, according to Russell, is the essence of wisdom? And how can one acquire the very essence?

Reference beyond the text

a. Why is wisdom necessary in education? Discuss.

b. How can you become wise? Do you think what you are doing in college contributes to wisdom?

Knowledge and Wisdom Exercise Answers

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