【⚠️】Unit 3 The Bull Exercise Questions and Answers Class 12 English

Unit 3 The Bull Exercise Questions and Answers Class 12 English

Understanding the text

Answer the following questions.

a. Why have Gore and Jitman come to see Laxminarayan?

b. What, according to cowherds, is the reason behind the death of Male?

c. Why does Ranabahadur want to see the bull himself?

d. Why does Laxminarayan run ahead of the convoy at Thulo Gauchar?

e. Why do Gore and Jitman cry when the king declares that Male is dead?

f. How do we learn that the bull is dead?

g. How does the play make a satire on the feudal system?

h. Write down the plot of the play in a paragraph.

Reference to the context

a. Discuss the late eighteenth-century Nepali society as portrayed in terms of the relation between the king and his subjects as portrayed in the play.

b. What does the relation between Laxminarayan and his wives tell us about the society of that time? To what extent has the Nepali society changed since then?

c. Shed light on the practice of chakari as portrayed in the play. Have you noticed this practice in your society?

d. How does Laxminarayan outsmart Ranabahadur?

e. Sketch the character of Laxminarayan.

The Bull Exercise Questions and Answers

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