【#】Unit 2 Every Morning I Wake Exercise Questions and Answers

Unit 2 Every Morning I Wake by Dylan Thomas Exercise Solution 

Understanding the text

Answer the following questions.

a. When does the speaker pray to the Lord?

➽ The speaker prays to the lord in every morning when he wakes up.

b. What does the speaker pray for?

➽ The speaker prays for all the poor creatures who are born to die.

c. Who are the ‘poor creatures’? Why does the speaker call them ‘poor creatures’?

➽ We all are the poor creatures. The speaker call them poor creatures because of all of us are born to die one day.

d. What does Milk Wood sound like? A type of wood or a place? Why?

➽ Milk wood sounds like a place covered with woods because according to the poet in the poem, milk wood is a wooden area in the hills.

e. Why do the inhabitants of Milk Wood bow to the setting sun, ‘but just for now’?

➽ The inhabitants of milk wood bow to the setting sun “but just for now” because every evening the poet asks blessing for the town, and they are confused whether they are going to last the night or not.

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Reference to the context

a. Discuss “Every Morning When I Wake” as a prayer to the God.

“Every Morning When I Wake” is a prayer poem by Dylan Thomas. In the poem, the poet prays the god for the wellbeing of all the poor creatures who are born to die. The port always asked blessing for his town because he doubts whether he and other people will last the night or not. He prays the almighty to let everyone see the another day and have mercy on all the creatures.

b. Why does the speaker make a prayer to the God, but not to a king, a billionaire, or a scientist?

The speaker makes a prayer to the God, but not to a king, a billionaire, or a scientist because the speaker feels that the creator of all the creatures and our mother earth is a god. He thinks that power, money, and knowledge cannot bless them with life.

The God is immortal but a king, a scientist, or a billionaire is not as they are born to die one day. No matter how powerful a king is, how wealthier a billionaire is, or how genius a scientist is : everybody has to bow down in front of god, worship it and ask for mercy and blessings. When we are in trouble or in dilemma, the first thing we all remember is god.

c. How does the poet highlight the magnificence of the God?

The poet seems to be a great devotee and believer of god. The poet makes prayer to the god every morning, every evening and every night. He believes that no one is more rich, genius, and stronger than god. God is the almighty who is immortal who controls all the creatures who are born to die and rule over them. In this way, the poet highlights the magnificence of the god.

d. How does the rhyme scheme of the poem reinforce its message?

The rhyme scheme of the poem is systemized in the structure AABB, CCDD, EEFF, GGHH. Every two line of the poem is rhyming to each other, which is very catchy and makes the poem more interesting and fascinating to listen. The speaker in the poem is a helpless child and a great devotee of the magnificent god. The speaker makes a prayer to the god throughout the poem and asks for mercy to all the poor creatures living under the milk wood. Hence, the rhyme scheme used in this poem helps a lot to reinforce its message to the readers.

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