【⚠️】Unit 14 I am Sorry The Hardest Three Words to Say Exercise Questions and Answers

 Unit 14 Human Rights Exercise Questions and Answers

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Working with words

A. Pair the following words as opposites.

Despair, kind, fresh, strange, normal, fierce, hope, selfish, corrupt, stale, familiar, eccentric, gentle, generous, cruel, honest

C. Pronounce the following words with the help of a dictionary.

a. viewer, sure, cure, fluent, poor, affluence, flower, curious, tourist, allowance, usual, intellectual, visual, mature, endure

b. join, coin, boy, voice, noise, soil, hoist, moist, avoid, toy, toilet, annoy, enjoy, poison


A. Write True or False after each statement. Give reason for your answer.

a. The author says his father was an ideal person in the family.

b. The author wanted to forgive his father but he did not get an opportunity.

c. It’s worth forgiving a person if he/she realizes his/her mistakes.

d. South Africa had dual type of education system in the 1960s.

e. The author lived in a joint family.

f. The author regretted for not getting a chance to talk to his father.

g. According to the author, all our glories and splendours are short-lived.

B. Answer the following questions.

a. How does the author remember his family environment when he was a small boy?

b. Why does the author blame system more than his father?

c. How does the principle of forgiveness work?

d. How does the author interpret the noises, squalls and tantrums of his children?

e. Why did the author decide to educate his children in Swaziland?

f. How does the author define human life?

g. According to the author, is it heredity or environment that shapes a man’s character? Explain.

h. Why is forgiveness important in our life?

Critical thinking

a. Desmond Tutu once said, “Forgiving is not forgetting; it’s actually remembering– remembering and not using your right to hit back. It’s a second chance for a new beginning.” Does this quotation apply to this text? Analyze.

b. The author interprets ‘I am sorry’ as three hardest words to say. How does it apply to your life?


The author talks about dual education system based on race in South Africa in the second half of the twentieth century. We also have private schools and public schools in Nepal. What should be done to make education equal to all citizens of Nepal? Write a couple of paragraphs expressing your views.



A. Join the following pairs of sentences using when and while.

a. Bibha Kumari was doing her homework. The doorbell rang.

b. I heard the telephone ring. I picked it up.

c. Dil Maya found a thousand rupee note. She was washing her pants.

d. Tenjing gave his measurements to the dressmaker. He was visiting the market yesterday.

e. I was at the butcher’s shop. I met Harikala.

f. The sales agent was dealing with the customer. A thief stole the jewels.

g. My small brother was sleeping. I played chess with my father.

h. The old lady fell down. She was climbing up the stairs.

i. The leader was giving a speech loudly. He lost his voice.

j. Kanchan broke her backbone. She was lifting up the load.

B. Study the following sentences.

a. I know my father caused pain because he himself was in pain.

b. All of us share the core qualities of our human nature and so sometimes we are generous and sometimes selfish.

c. My father has long since died, but if I could speak to him today, I would want to tell him that I had forgiven him.

Now, fill in the blanks with one of the connectives from the box.

So, because,  as, since, due to, owing to, because of

a. We didn’t go for a morning walk today ...............it was raining

b. I wanted to go home early ............... I was not feeling well.

c. My brother stayed at home..................his illness.

d. I was late in the class ....................traffic jam.

e. He didn’t like dogs................he was not happy when his wife brought a puppy home.

f. He was not included in the team ..............his knee injury.

g. ...............I was tired, I went to bed early.

h. He was very unhappy .............he lost one million rupees in share market.

i. We cancelled our trip to Rara Lake ........................ the bad weather.

j. These two lines intersect with each other. ...............they are not parallel lines.

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