【⚠️】Unit 13 After the World Trade Centre Exercise Questions and Answers

Unit 13 History Exercise Questions and Answers

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Working with words

A. Match the words with their definitions/meanings.

a. passion                             i. like an uncle
b. surveillance                     ii. powerful attraction
c. integrity                           iii. the power or ability of a material to return to its original                                                        form, position, etc., after being bent, compressed, or stretched

d. avuncular                         iv. any powerful or compelling emotion or feeling, as love or                                                        hate

e. livelihood                         v. an unobstructed and wide view of an extensive area in all                                                         directions

f. fascination                        vi. an idea, practice, or object that is perceived as new

g. innovation                        vii. the removal of people or things from an endangered area

h. panorama                         viii. continuous observation of a place, person, group, or                                                                ongoing activity in order to gather information

i. resilience                           ix. a means of supporting one’s existence
j. evacuation                          x. the state of being whole, entire, or undiminished

B. Define the following professionals. One has been done for you.

architect, civil engineer, mechanical engineer, aerospace engineer, automobile
engineer, electronic engineer, electrical engineer, computer engineer, food
engineer, chemical engineer, biomedical engineer.

Example: An architect is an engineer who designs buildings and advises in their


Answer the following questions.

a. Where were Frank and Nicole employed?
b. How does the author describe Frank’s attachment to the twin towers?
c. How did the two families become intimate with each other?
d. What, according to Nicole, did Frank think of the towers?
e. Why did Frank want to help the people in the tower after the attack?
f. Why did Frank not follow Nicole’s request even after knowing that the building was on fire?
g. Who did Frank call from the building after the attack?
h. How did Nicole feel after the collapse of the first tower?
i. Were Frank’s children serious as soon as they heard the news of their missing father? Why?

Critical thinking

a. Many innocent people lose their lives in ruthless attacks every year. What do you think the governments should do to protect their people from such attacks and make the world a safer place to live? Discuss with your friends.
b. Revenge and violence are the integral parts of the history and civilization. They can’t be ignored, only managed. Do you agree or not with this statement? Present your logic.


A. Write a description of an event that you have recently witnessed.
B. Human life does not pass as one expects. You might have also gone through different but memorable incidents. Write an essay on 'An Unforgettable Event in my Life' in about 500 words.



A. Look at the following examples. Which parts of speech do the words in bold belong to?

a. She was born in Basel Switzerland and met Frank while studying design in New York. Frank’s offices were on the 88th floor of the tower.
b. My wife and I were befriended by Frank and Nicole in 1999. At about noon, we took the children to Fort Green Park.
c. He suddenly saw Sue across the room.
d. I’d seen them walking along the road past my window several times before.
e. The castle sat in the mountains above the town.
f. She stood among all her friends in the room and felt very happy.
g. He sneezed during the performance.
h. You can’t catch a big fish with a small rod like that.
i. Do not throw stones at the dogs. They may bite you.

B. Complete these sentences with the correct prepositions.

a. The relationship ...........the two boys has changed significantly over the past few years.
b. In Nepal, many girls get married ...........an early age.
c. I’m not ...........the mood for such silly games.
d. There were no security personnel...........duty at that time.
e. The new smartphone is similar ...........the one I bought a few years ago.
f. My dad insisted ........... taking the later train.
g. People ........... ambition always try to achieve their goals, no matter what happens.
h. Mr Jenkins has been disabled all his life as a result ........ a childhood illness.
i. We bought the TV because it was ........... sale.
j. She has no understanding ........... how computers really work.
k. I gave him my new T-shirt in exchange ........... a few cigarettes.
l. The company is run ........... two people who hardly ever meet.
m. All the celebrations and parties were called ............ because of the tragic accident.
n. There was a great need ........... volunteers at the site of the crash.

A. Study the following sentences. Notice the verb forms in bold.

a. She will win the competition.
b. She will be waiting when we arrive.
c. I will have finished this work by next week.
d. I will have been living here for one-year next month.
B. Make sentences from the given clues as stated in brackets.
a. Who/pass the exam? (future simple)
b. How/you/get home? (future continuous)
c. I/come later. (future simple)
d. She/catch the train by 3 pm. (future perfect)
e. It/rain tomorrow. (future simple)
f. John/sleep at 4 am. (future continuous)
g. How long/you/see your boyfriend when you get married? (future perfect continuous)
h. It/rain in Kathmandu next week. (future continuous)
i. How long/you/work here when you retire? (future perfect continuous)
j. He / not / finish the cleaning by the time she gets home. (future perfect)

C. Complete the following sentences with the correct future tense form of the verbs in the brackets.

a. It ............ (snow) in Brighton tomorrow evening.
b. On Friday at 8 o’clock, I ............ (to meet) my friend.
c. Wait! I ............ (to drive) you to the station.
d. When they get married in March, they ...... (to be) together for six years.
e. You’re carrying too much. I ............ (to open) the door for you.
f. Do you think the teacher ............ (to mark) our homework by Monday morning?
g. When I see you tomorrow, I ............ (show) you my new book.
h. After you take a nap, you ............ (to feel) a lot better
i. I ............ (to let) you know the second the builders finish decorating.
j. We ............ (to wait) in the shelter until the bus comes.
k. I’m very sorry, Dr. Jones ............ (not be) back in the clinic until 2pm.
l. This summer, I ............ (to live) in Birgunj for four years.
m. I don’t think you ............ (to have) any problems when you land in Pokhara.
n. The baby should be due soon, next week she ............ (to be) pregnant for nine months.
o. By the time we get home, they ............ (to play) football for 30 minutes.
p. When you get off the train, I ............ (to wait) for you by the ticket machine.
q. This time next week, I ............ (ski) in Switzerland!
r. Now, I ............ (to check) my answers.

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