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 Unit 12 Animal World Exercise Questions and Answers Class 12

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Working with words

A. Read the text and tick the best alternative to fill in the gaps.

a. Persons who are related to you and who live after you, such as your child or grandchild are called ........
i. relatives                      ii. descendants                        iii. siblings

b. ‘...............’ means to turn or spin around and around quickly
i. Twirl                           ii. Fold                                    iii. Fetter

c. ........... are proteins which contain oligosaccharide chains (glycans) attached to amino acid side-chains
i. Glycoproteins             ii. Legumes                             iii. Meat products

d. .......... are carbohydrate-binding proteins that are highly specific for sugar groups that are part of other molecules and so cause agglutination of particular cells.
i. Lactose                        ii. Legumes                             iii. Lectins

e. ....are abnormal tissue growths that most often look like small, flat bumps or tiny mushroom like stalks found in the phylum Cnidaria and the medusa
i. Polyps                          ii. Buds                                   iii. Tulips

f. ............. is a biological interaction where one organism, the predator, kills and eats another organism, its prey.
i. Murder                         ii. Homicide                            iii. Predation

g. .......... is a genus of flowering plants in the buttercup family.
i. Anemone                      ii. Ammonia                            iii. Amoeba

h. A/An ............... person is extremely or excessively particular, exacting, or meticulous in taste or standards.
i. arrogant                        ii. finicky                                 iii. symbiotic

i. ............. is a group of soft-bodied, marine gastropod molluscs which shed their shells after their larval stage.
i. Shell                             ii. Nudibranch                          iii. Jellyfish

j. A .......is a free-swimming sexual form of a coelenterate such as a jellyfish, typically having an umbrella-shaped body with stinging tentacles around the edge.
i. medusa                         ii. sea horse                               iii. sea slug

B. Look up a dictionary and write the meanings of the following words then use them in your own sentences.

arthropod, gastropod, biomass, calcification, metamorphosis, sturgeon


Answer the following questions.

a. What are the indicators of the fact that we are very self-conscious about ourselves these days?
b. How have we celebrated the fact that we have our individual identity?
c. Are we, human beings, really unique? Why/Why not?
d. How do fish recognize each other?
e. What is the function of individuality?
f. What does the mix-up of two selves tell us about our identity?
g. What does the author illustrate with the tale of the nudibranch and the medusa?
h. Why is the author disturbed by the thought of the creatures like the nudibranch and medusa?
i. What does the writer mean by “they remind me of the whole earth at once?”

Critical thinking

a. How does the author make satire on the modern idea of the ‘self’ based on individuality, independence and uniqueness?
b. Analyze the essay as a creative defense of the interdependence observed in the ecosystem.


A. Write an essay on “Independence vs. Interdependence” in about 250 words.
B. Write a newspaper article highlighting the increasing individualism in the modern Nepali society.


Passive voice

A. Make passive sentences from the following information as in the example.

Example: Toyota cars/Japan/make : Toyota cars are made in Japan.

a. volleyball/every/country/play
b. spaghetti/boiling water/cook
c. each lesson/an exercise/follow
d. taxes/the price/include
e. extensive information/the internet/find
f. our order/the waiter/took
g. the schedule/the participants/will distribute
h. the police/footprint/found
i. the children/the sandcastles/built
j. the father/the window/not going to open
B. Rewrite the following sentences in the passive voice using the correct form
of verbs in the brackets.
a. Call the ambulance! Two boys ......... (injure) in a motorbike accident.
b. The clock ............ (use) since the 17th century.
c. I had to wait outside the classroom while the classroom ......... (clean).
d. The problem ............ (discuss) by the subject specialists at the moment.
e. By the time I came back, the task ............... (finish).
f. Women .............. (say) to be happier than men.
g. Look! The house ........... (destroy) by the fire.
h. The other three reports..................... (submit) by next month.
i. Many people .......... (rescue) from the floods by the security persons this year.
j. The state of Florida ................ (hit) by a hurricane that did serious damage.
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