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A Matter of Husband Summary :

Characters: The Earnest  Young Woman
                      The Famous Actress
                      Alfred (Husband of The Earnest Woman)

This play "A Matter of Husband" sheds light on the basic function of actors; to make the audience believe in illusion.

At the beginning of the play, the earnest woman angrily asks her husband back as she believes that her husband has fallen in love with the famous actress. Though, the actress denies even knowing her husband, the earnest woman shows her the proofs like; the letter written by him to the actress and the flower sent by him to her.

The Actress could not deny this fact, hence she agreed to know her husband. Now, to prove that she and the woman's husband were not cheating on the earnest woman the actress created a fake story.

A Matter of Husband Exercise Solution Answers :

Understanding the text

Answer the following questions.

a. What favor does Earnest Young Woman ask from The Famous Actress?

The Earnest Woman asks her husband back as a favor from the famous actress.

b. What, according to The Earnest Young Woman, are the indications that her husband has fallen in love with Famous Actress?

All the letters written by her husband to the famous actress and the flowers sent by him to her were indications, according to the earnest young woman, that her husband had fallen in love with the famous actress.

c. Is the Earnest Young Woman convinced by the argument of a Famous Actress? How?

Yes, the Earnest young woman was convinced by the argument of a Famous Actress. She was a very innocent and simple young woman. The Famous Actress explained to her that her husband had a love affair with her so that she could get jealous and regain love from her. She explained her in such a way that it seemed to be real.

d. Where is the Earnest Young Woman’s husband hiding himself as they are talking about him?

The Earnest Woman's husband 'Alfred' was hiding near the door of her boudoir/bedroom throughout the entire conversation between the earnest woman and the actress.

e. When do you feel that Famous Actress is really good at acting?

I felt that the Actress was very good at acting when she was able to convince the earnest young woman that his husband was having a fake =love affair to get the young woman jealous so that he could regain from her. But, when the Actress called Alfred who was hiding in her boudoir, it made me believe she was a fine actress.

f. How do we come to know that the Famous Actress and the husband of Earnest Young Woman are in love?

From the last play when the famous Actress goes to the door of her boudoir and calls Alfred to come in, we come to know that the famous actress and the husband of earnest women are in love.

g. Write down the plot of the play in a paragraph.

A Matter of Husband sheds light on the basic function of actors; to make the audience believe in illusion.

At first, the Earnest Woman angrily goes to the famous actress asking her husband back. Initially, the famous actress even declines to know her husband. Later, the Earnest woman showed the actress all the flowers and letters sent by her husband to the famous actress.

Now, the actress replied, smiling that her husband and she were doing a fake love affair just to get the young woman jealous so that he would regain love from her. In this way, through her acting skills, the famous actress was able to fool the earnest woman.

Reference to the context

a. Sketch the character of a Famous Actress.

The famous actress was a really intelligent, active, young, beautiful actress who could change her character according to the role and situation.
She was a very clever and cunning woman who really convinced the earnest woman that her husband was not cheating on her, instead, he wanted her to be jealous and love her husband more. But actually, she was making her fool as her husband was found in the actress's boudoir listening to the whole conversation.
The character of the famous actress was very immoral and unethical.

b. Shed light on the difference between an ordinary woman and an actress.
As shown in the play, the earnest woman was an ordinary woman. Ordinary women are very innocent and simple in nature and could be easily fooled and manipulated by a fake story. They love their husband truly and never cheat on them.
Whereas, an actress as displayed in the play are very intelligent and very active personalities who can change their role according to the situation. They could convince a simple person, even by creating a fake story that sounds real.

c. According to Famous Actress, men associated with theatre use the theatre actresses to make their estranged wives jealous to woo them back. Do you agree with her argument? Why? Why not?
No, I disagree with her arguments. All the wives of a man associated with the theatre are not always simple and ordinary women as shown in the play. Though the acting skills of the actress were very fine, and her story was also good enough to believe if I were the earnest woman, I would have raised a few questions over her arguments like; Why would any husband do so much drama just to regain love? He could easily approach his wife and tell the loopholes where he was feeling uneasy and left behind. The wife would surely try to fix it.

d. How does a Famous Actress make a fool of Earnest Young Woman?
The Famous Actress creates a dramatic story from her acting skills to fool the Earnest Woman by convincing her about the fake relationship between her husband and the actress to make her jealous and reclaim her love. Being a simple and innocent woman the Earnest woman believes and gets convinced by the actress's story.

e. The conversation between the two women takes place on the stage of the theatre. What role does the theatre house as a part of the setting play in A Matter for Husband?
The conversation between the two women takes place on the stage of the theatre. The theatre provided a suitable environment for the woman to explain her thoughts freely, as they were having a conversation in a private room rather than in an open place. If the conversation had taken place in the open place, neither of the women would be able to express their thoughts freely.
Hence, the theatre had played a very important role in setting the play.

f. What do you think about the ending of the play?
I think that the ending of this play is one of the best and justifiable endings. The writer made all the readers shock by writing this creative ending. It was very unexpected to know that the actress and Alfred (husband of the earnest woman) had pre-planned this drama. In the end, all the characters were happy and satisfied with each other. The earnest woman now believed that her husband was not cheating on her. Whereas, the actress and the husband of the earnest woman also could have spent time with each other and lived with each other very happily with no obstacles.
The poet wanted to leave us the message that clever skillful and intelligent personalities always take advantage of simple innocent and honest heart personalities.
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